Want the short version? Recent writing about places & time:

“My friend Caleb is the only shaman I know who wears beat-up hoodies and lets me come over at 11pm and orders us pizza.”

Photobooth stop: “Months and months ago, I tried to stop planning. Things were unmoored, and by things I mean everything.”

When you are saved
“I was saved by Bernese mountain dogs in Greenwich Village when I was 19.”

Waiting for infinity: “You could add zeroes until you filled the entire green chalkboard, until your tiny chip of yellow chalk wore down to dust, until the doctor came in and said strep throat again.”

“The shiny brass key with the straight section in the center.”

The summons, Vanessa: “I hereby serve you with this official summons to appear before the court and explain WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE.”

Aikido girl takes a fall: “There’s an art to falling, good ukemi. I need this.”

Slow, slow, or: the good part about falling in a lake: “I was standing on the dock in the downpour, making sure people had their keys to the guesthouse, when I looked up and saw a blur of shapes and colors torpedo directly down into the water.”

An incomplete list of likely excuses: “I’ve been sick, I’ve been busy, I’ve been typing with my laces tied.”

Street conversations with unicorns:
“We’d have to teach everyone to fly a balloon.”

An open letter and musical chairs: “Wee skinny girl in wee wire-rimmed glasses, with straw-colored blonde hair all the way down your back.”

My other cafe is an umbrella: “The coffee kicked us in the teeth but we wrote on a square white napkin how we’d never be married if married meant boring or old or the same.”

In January, stepping off this continent: “Despite the suckitude of the quotidienne and the unpredictability of the everyday, our human networks can form powerful weapons against chaos and despair.”

Mirrors and the other sides of: “In my childhood story the mirror was a portal.”

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