Lindsay Muscato escaped from a toaster fire in Buffalo, NY at the age of four. She’s now a writer and editor in Phnom Penh with a passion for improving education, reforming America’s food systems and promoting the arts. She really, really wants to make the world a better place, like her mama taught her. She has written for numerous magazines and web sites in Chicago and nationally, and she holds a degree in journalism from Northwestern University. She also has nine years of experience at nonprofit organizations and is certified to teach grades 6-12.

Fancy things about her: She has performed original writing about town, most notably with the Around the Coyote Arts Festival and the 2nd Story Festival. She has also appeared onstage at: The Green Mill (with Mortified Chicago), The Chicago Humanities Festival’s marathon reading of On the Road, The Annoyance theater and a bunch of bars that she’d rather not talk about. She is the recipient of a 2008 CAAP grant from the City of Chicago for the creation of an original play.

She has kept a web site since 1996, when she and her friend Bethany created pages on Geocities.

[Writing published elsewhere.]