Oh look, the world changed

Here’s what’s happened. You may have not noticed. Here in the United States, from which I write to you, there are the following differences:

-New president

-Everyone is protesting on the weekends

-Reading the news is similar to pouring boiling oil on one’s face

-Lots of chaos, all the time

I just wanted to point this out. Maybe you’ve been living somewhere lovely, like a spa. Maybe you’re a caretaker at a spa in Iceland and have spotty wifi and no need to check out CNN.com, and reading this website is the last remaining thing in your RSS feed, and since I haven’t posted in a while you maybe just didn’t know.

Me? Awash in coping strategies. I’m listening to podcasts about murder. I’m going to the arcade a lot, and playing the Jurassic Park game where you shoot a bunch of dinosaurs. I’m listening to Nirvana and Brian Eno and Chance.

Also? Moving to New York in June. I’m winding down work on certain projects, and ramping up work on new ones. Transitions are not my strongest talent. Usually they make me crazy. So, bracing for crazy, but maybe it’ll be different this time. I have all those coping strategies, and the world is falling apart at the seams anyway, so maybe if this little thread comes loose, it won’t even make a difference. We’re boxing up the books and typewriters, and KonMari-ing our clothes. (Turns out, I mostly own t-shirts with event logos and alcohol brands on them, and a million pairs of novelty socks.)

But, it’s ok. It’s time to try something new. Spring is a time for new things, and spring is almost here; for real. I saw buds on the trees, goddammit. I saw them. So we go.

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