Slowly from here

I am not so good with change.

When I was 20 and newly home from a semester abroad, my sister Christina followed me while I wandered the supermarket, baffled by the dozens of shampoo choices. At the checkout, at last clutching a bottle of Pantene, I’d reached into my pocket to find only Icelandic kroner. Christina had been so shocked at my disorientation: “But you’re FROM here.”

This time was a little bit better, because the transition was buffered first by a long layover in Seoul, Korea with Kendra. We schemed about her becoming famous as a Korean model, and I marveled at the orderly traffic. Then a flight delay meant 9 hours in Seattle. On the spur of the moment, and thanks to Facebook, I met up with James and Elana, who I last saw on a Cambodian beach. At a brew pub near the water we tasted a dozen craft beers and remembered our time on a different coast, when Elana and I made James pull the legs off the fresh shrimp for us.

Then, Patrick in D.C. After nonstop travel, and a more frenetic pace in Cambodia, everything seemed so, so calm. Also: Every bridge seemed huge, every song on the radio was glorious. People said “bless you” when I sneezed. People said the word “awesome”. I could overhear conversations. Things were strange. Patrick was patient.

Now I am in Charleston, SC, with Christina. Lunches at food trucks, evenings on the beach. Lots of down time. Lots of patience. Slowly I’m remembering what it’s like to be from here.

One thought on “Slowly from here

  1. Lindsay, Lindsay… sorry but I’m just now catching up on my email/comments on In short:

    I LOVE your blather!!! I adore a good wordsmith and you my dear, are truly a gem.

    Question izzz… how do I RSS subscribe to this lovely monologue? Do please let me know as I don’t want to miss a single mot.

    And meanwhile… yes, yes, Phnom Penh. I’ll soon be in your “hood” (well o.k. somewhere in Vietnam) so hopefully we can one day connect.

    Also – so… am I to presume you’re from Chicago? Me too. Love the dear people and food and all, but (weather/climate-wise): a nice place to be “from”. 😉

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