In which: We thank the Cambodian hospital

I started composing this post while on the folding metal gurney, the hinge of it digging into the small of my back through a thin layer of foam. Soon I was getting a needle in the rear-end and an IV in the arm and thinking, “This is what happens when you food-poison yourself and are a skinny wimp like me.”


See: The very nice, mostly silent security guard here at the dorm gave me a hard-boiled egg from a street vendor, and rather than say, “Egg from street vendor… poor choice.” I thought: “How kind! I should eat it.” And thus began a gastro-disaster that I won’t recount here, just…


I watched the IV drip two fluids into my arm and waited for the bags to empty, watched the clock on the wall above my head (arch the spine, crane the neck), watched the young woman stoop to sweep the floor with a whispy straw broom every hour or so, watched the three-blade metal fan above my head, army green and edged in thick dust, it looked like a propeller that could slice the air and carry us all out of here. But the nurses and doctors look so happy; eyes all smiles above their surgical masks.


I totally couldn’t believe I was getting a shot in the ass. I don’t even know what it was for. But… I didn’t think to care.


And so I slept and slept. And when I woke up, I asked and charmed and wheedled to be let go, please please, no more fluids, I’m feeling just fine now. They sent me away with smiles and cheer and white paper packets of Smecta, which tastes like ultra-refined cocoa powder and all the directions are in French.


One of the girls called me today just to see how I am doing. She’s visiting her family for Chinese New Year and wanted to make sure I was  on the mend. So I can’t complain.


And now it’s almost Friday. I’ve subsisted just fine on toast and tea, and the days are falling away soft and easy, in comparison.

3 thoughts on “In which: We thank the Cambodian hospital

  1. Jebus!!! Continue feeling better, darling, and fingers crossed that you have no more adventures, gastronomical or otherwise, that send you to hospital!

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