— This morning in the dorm lounge I watched Hellboy dubbed in Khmer and subtitled in English.

–A girl said to me today: “I think you are polite and lovely… and attractive, too.” This is totally common. They tell me every day how pretty I am. I have never been so flattered on the constant.

–One girl had been given a worksheet for her English class (at the university) that was on her level linguistically but conceptually far below her intellect. Basically, it was a drawing of a children’s party in a classroom and it asked her to describe  the picture. It’d be in a third-grade workbook in the US. In her paragraph of “what’s happening in this picture” she managed to work in how children’s rights are important and parents and community members must work together to support their education.

–Sometimes my bag is like the Room of Requirement. I’d been pining for a tweezers (haven’t found one here) and then one tumbled out of a pocket of my napsack today — packed for a long-ago trip.

2 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. You ARE so pretty and lovely and attractive! I love your posts and am glad to hear you are enjoying your time so far. The girls sound so sweet! I am wrapped in two blankets right now as I type, sigh…

  2. In a flip-side to your experiences, it’s a balmy 4 degrees in Chicago. Foster is a virtual ghost town. But everyone who’s out in it is smiling and happy… even the cops. It’s a great reminder of what I love about this town.

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