Weird day

Sometimes things at the Neo office are calm. An unbroken glassy lake of pure productivity and we’re all canoes. Sometimes. Sometimes things go weird.

–Today the phones went crazy. Call on one line and the other line answers, too. And maybe you will receive a voicemail with a recording of your own phone conversation, after you hang up. It’s like: If you were spying on yourself, it would be the perfect thing.

–Our insurance auditor showed up to flip through all of our paperwork, ever. He cleared his throat every four minutes, was tall like Frankenstein, but kindly. Thick Chicago accent, a twitchy eyebrow. Our conversations were all numbers and money until he went to shut down his IBM laptop. He’d been asking us more about what we do at the theater. I thought it was for research purposes, until he began to muse about how as you get older, you stop experimenting, stop taking chances, start playing it safe… you start closing down, like this Windows computer, here. It was a super-existential moment in an otherwise spreadsheet-y encounter.

–Co-worker Ryan gave the antique wooden chair in the office a good talking-to. It had to be fired. It just couldn’t adapt.

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