My fall thus far: pedal, meet metal/mettle

I’ve spent the last four weeks in a fervor, praising the inventors of my Google calendar for keeping my time parsed into color-coded chunks.

1) I wrote a story for Gapers Block about people who roast coffee in their garages — a story that felt caffeinated. Not just because I drank coffee with each interview (which I did), but because when people feel passionately about what they do, it rubs off. My brain whirs. I want to know more and more. It’s stepping off an old train in a new city with a map and compass and finding your way.

2) At Healthy Schools Campaign, we just finished Cooking up Change, an annual cooking contest and gala where teams of high school students from around the city compete to make their ideal school lunch using the same ingredients list and cost restrictions (less than $1 per meal!) that schools must follow. Winners get the star treatment, cooking with the White House chef and serving their meal to Congress. The kids rocked, and I felt honored to be there, snapping photos, meeting students and generally pitching in.

3) My beloved Neos and I just threw a benefit/show/art auction that, quite literally, quickened my pulse. As the prices on each piece rose higher and higher during the live auction, the friend next to me kept shooting glances my way to see if I’d have a heart attack or, perhaps, die of joy. Here’s the winner of our contest, a portrait of #44 for our presidential gallery.

4) Writing and scheming for Write Club’s world domination, with comedic and organizational geniuses Whit and Ian. The show happens at The Hideout. We have fancy badass titles and everything. Ian’s the Overlord, Whit’s our Minister of Suspicion, and I am the Minister of Hysteria.

5) A quick DC weekend with Patrick, warm fall days, long drives, wine and ravioli. Crepes from a truck, dancing to loud cover bands, using all the coupons. Navigating old wounds, at first like obstacle courses and later without fear or urgency; healing new ones before they start.

Side note of coolness: When I moved to Chicago I desperately wanted to be involved with 1) The Neo-Futurists 2) Gapers Block and 3) The Hideout. Somehow I am doing things at all of these places.

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