Doing nothing the easy way

This weekend I rode to Cincinnati via Megabus, a six-hour tour through the Mid- of the Midwest, so Mid- that we passed wind farms and wheat fields and skies devoid of personality. Like, if I were to interview a cloud animal:

–So, Cloud Shaped Sort of Like a Bunny, what do you do in your spare time?
–Oh nothin’.

But there are boring ways to do nothing (Megabus) and amazing ways to do nothing — with Amanda, Charlie, Kirsten and Mark.

Like: Pick handfuls of tiny orange tomatoes from the community garden plot, shop for dinner ingredients at the local market; spread out the Sunday New York Times to read at a picnic table, one section after another; walk long loops around an old cemetery until Amanda busts out her GPS to find our way back. Take long naps, sit on the porch with a beer and a book; head back to the same coffee shop for more reading; more talking; more lounging, and then — when it’s time to go — find that your weight of your thoughts has shifted, is lighter, is light itself, maybe — as you board the bus again.

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