A few weeks ago, I signed up to be a foster parent for a dog. The idea just fit. I was a girl who needed a dog but couldn’t afford to pay for food and vet bills. The foster agency covers all expenses when you foster a dog. And Buster needed somewhere to crash, after ending up in a high-kill shelter in southern Illinois.

Unfortunately I didn’t expect to fall so head-over-heels for this pup.

He is me and Lisa in dog form. Quiet, sometimes anxious, but overall buoyant with joy and a love for people. He is white with pancake-colored spots and ears, and he loves sleeping and slow walks with lots of time to sniff around. Sometimes he likes running fast. He moves like a baby deer. We desperately adore him. He is a good dog.

He ate the blinds off the window in the living room yesterday. But. Details.

He sleeps at the foot of Lisa’s bed, and he loves talking to babies and puppies in the park.

Buster is slated to go to an adoption event tomorrow, to see if anyone wants to be his forever home. Lisa and I are deciding whether to just put him in our car and make for the border.

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