In simple terms, this sums up the most beautiful endpoint of the direction in which I bend:

“This is what I hope my theater work does for people: it takes them inside worlds they’re curious about but have no real access to; it bears witness to truths that many folks — both government leaders and lay people — try aggressively to distort or to ignore; it makes beauty and meaning out of sometimes ugly, sometimes confusing strands of human experience; it is a creative act that, while often standing in for a memory, can actually become a new memory, can become a new truth — that, while telling one story, can actually become a new story and inspire the creation of yet other stories.”

– Laura Wiley, Albany Park Theatre Project co-founder

2 thoughts on “Quote

  1. i still can’t believe laura is gone. i wrote about aptp in college and spent a bit of time hanging out with the group then – such an awesome company. i need to get to another of their shows.

    1. Their newest one (all about food!) sounds amazing. I didn’t realize you’d written about them… I talked to a fella in a bar who mentioned how great they were and it dawned on me that I needed to look them up.

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