Crafting, friends, time

Last night Eliina, Amanda and I worked on crafty projects for Eliina’s wedding this fall. I stamped little gift bags with pretty ink designs, and Amanda helped make tags for the place cards. Simple tasks, simple motions. I could see why people knit in knitting circles. Because with the motion of hands, and the hum of a distraction, an easy rhythm settles in. We’re all metronomes keeping time by the creation of pretty things.

We talked about time. Eliina pulled out her typewriter for one of the crafts and found a sheaf of pages in the typewriter case, saved from the days when we kept a ready typewriter on a shelf at all times. We paged back through the scattered phrases, stuff people had typed during parties, during quiet moments alone, or collaboratively and with much silliness. I’d been griping and complaining between ink stamps, the helpless kind of irrational chatter you can only get away with when you’re around old friends who will forgive you. But leafing through those pages unlocked a simple truth. Time passes. And all we can do is honor the moments that tick by, one by one, creating something pretty.

5 thoughts on “Crafting, friends, time

  1. Oh, there will most certainly be more wedding craft sweatshop nights. 🙂 I will be tapping into everyone’s crafty talents, muahahahahaha!

      1. This may be weird, but Eliina, I would love to come help with wedding crafts even though I won’t be attending the wedding. I love craft time! Also I saw a dog in Logan Square who looked just like Henry, but I don’t think Josh was the man with him. Henry has a doppelganger!

  2. And here I was thinking my silly gluestick-rubber-stamp tasks were imposing on people’s busy schedules! I’ll add you to the list too Becca. 🙂

    I’ve also seen a Henry doppelganger around LSq. Almost ran to catch up with the owner the other morning, but I was running late. When I adopted him the shelter said that he was brought there with his sister who was adopted earlier that day. I’m always on the lookout for his long lost sibling.

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