Back in Chicago

I’m back in Chicago, and every day is still a rollercoaster. I don’t know if each day will be up or down. If a song in the CVS will touch off that drowning feeling or if seeing a friend in a coffee shop will make me dance down the sidewalk. Mostly I am watching the sticky green leaves open this year and I see each one as its own little rock concert, warming up, ready to explode when that riff reaches the roof.

“What good is intellect if it leaves us immobile and frozen in indecision? At some point, despite all the other options, you have to commit yourself to a path. Being flexible if fine, it’s maybe the greatest talent you can have, but in order to define yourself, you need to pursue your passion. There will always be good reasons not to do something, or to do something else, the world is full of women more beautiful than your wife, you can never choose the best car, there’s always a cheaper air fare. What’s most important is that you choose and get on with your life.” — Chuck Palahniuk

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