Memory holes

Last time I hung out with my two younger sisters, they brought up “the time we visited Deanna in Rochester”. I like to think I have a good memory. I like to think that I can at the very least conjure up a mental snapshot of a moment. Barebones: I can remember that it happened. But I did not (and do not) remember visiting Deanna in Rochester with siblings in tow. The blog tells me that the visit occurred. I’m linking to the post because it made me smile to think about how long Deanna and I have been friends, longer than I can remember.

One thought on “Memory holes

  1. I don’t remember this either! Isn’t that awful? But I do have a vague memory of three muskrats and I at Hogans Hideaway – but I feel like I’m making that up :]

    I do, however, have vivid memories of Janelle’s knee surgery and you pushing her wheelchair down the hall near the aud by the main office, nurse and principals office.

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