Time away

I have this hokey belief that like a radio I can tune in to the hearts of my very-very-beloved ones and feel that they’re ok and that they love me back. It’s one of those weirdo beliefs that I don’t dwell on or think about consciously. I cooked up this idea sometime in high school and it stuck, that intuition is real. But I’ve lost a little of that here in Taiwan — maybe that feeling of being loved is just the knowledge that I can text or call at any time, and you’ll be awake, and we’re both under daylight or both under nighttime. I’m too many time zones away.

Possibly related. I just flipped through my Guatemala journal and saw that I wrote: “My big fear is that I will end up traveling alone in my 40s without kids or a husband. There I said it. Fuck you, feminism.”

2 thoughts on “Time away

  1. I’ve long held the belief that I can send my heart away to check on those I love. I’ve always felt sort of silly about it but I absolutely know that it is true. Like right now? I’m sending my heart to you. We are both o.k.


    P.S. My biggest fear is that I will never be in my 40s traveling the world alone.

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