Guatemala post: Around the circle

In San Marcos I took a writing workshop. Ok, that’s not quite the correct phrasing. Lemme start again. There’s the idea of “break your eye open” — which is maybe an art school term, but I picked up from an episode of Six Feet Under where Claire goes to art school, and it means seeing things in new ways. The phrasing always sounded more precise, and closer to the feeling of really seeing something in a new way. So I forgot about Six Feet Under but remembered that phrase. Break your eye open.

Our routine: Wake up at 6am, breakfast of fresh fruit, granola and local yogurt, writing workshop all day, break for lunch, more workshop, break for dinner, wine and readings. Then sleep.

I could say: I took a writing workshop and then I went to sleep and then I woke up. But it was more like: A writing workshop broke my eye open and then sleep drowned me and morning dove under and pulled me out.

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