Yo, Tokyo

I guess I’m in Tokyo, though maybe the actual city is quite far from the Narita airport. I was asked to take a survey by a very worried-sounding man wearing an armband that looked made by a fourth grader with a dot matrix printer. It said “TOURIST SURVEY” and I took their very adorable survey (“Would you go to shop near the airport if you knew where to go?” I checked “If my schedule allows”. The other option was “No I would not.”) And I received a free pair of chopsticks for my troubles. On to Taipei in about an hour.

One thought on “Yo, Tokyo

  1. Yes, the city is quite far from Narita — something like an hour or so by bus depending on where you are going. Nice airport though, eh?

    The other night I was coming home from Maureen’s and thought “I should call Lindsay to go for Thai” and then got really sad because you aren’t HERE! Miss you.

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