Yoga, car, fritter

–I’ve been doing Bikram yoga, under their $30 for 30 days deal, and mostly it is sweaty and crowded and a mad dash to undress, dress, sweat, unsweat, but there are moments during class when stillness descends, it’s just me and my quivering calf muscles, and the girl of me in the mirror — the same one I looked at one morning, dead in the eyes, and said I would try harder to be nice to her.

–My 1993 Buick LeSabre needs to lay down and rest now. More things keep breaking. And they’ll just keep on breaking. The latest: She needs a new TPS system, the system that controls the balance of fuel and air, and I said “Honey, tell me about it” and we cried a little, but I understand that she is old and it’s ok. She got to be a luxury car in this lifetime.

–On the walk to work this morning I found a Polish bakery with apple fritters for 81 cents — so screw you, Starbucks and your apple fritters flown in from Seattle.

3 thoughts on “Yoga, car, fritter

  1. 81 cents! What a deal. I didn’t know you are still walking to work, though if the LeSabre is on the fritz I guess that makes sense.
    xoxoxox. Wine this week maybe?

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