Awake versus asleep

Everyone wants to be happy. That’s the goal, right? In life? To be happy? Do what makes you happy. Are you happy? Is this making you happy? And if you’re not happy, you’re failing at the big goal in life which is (did you forget?): BE HAPPY. What if that’s wrong. What if, instead of happy versus unhappy the dichotomy is awake versus asleep. And instead of trying to be happy all the time, we can just be awake for this life — whether that means bliss or pain — and instead of thinking of ways to make the chaos go away, let’s rejoice that at least we’re not numb, missing it all, as good as dead and gone.

4 thoughts on “Awake versus asleep

  1. I like the idea of awake versus asleep better than happy versus unhappy. Personally, I never try to be happy. Happy is such a temporal state anyways, right? As soon as I reach my happiest point, it can only go downhill for there.

    I’m working on trying to be content. Actually, that my 2010-2020 resolution. To truly find contentment in the next decade.

    Love you.

    Are we starting our January Bikram Yoga challenge? Monday, perhaps?

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