Today I got the splints out of my nose. I will say very little about this process except that it means I don’t have plastic in my head any more. You can imagine how fun it was to experience this removal of plastic. But what did strike me is that all I said was, “I’m feeling really dizzy” and in an instant the doctor had tilted the chair back, shut off the lights and put a cold compress across my forehead. Then he told me about a bad bike accident he’d been in, in his 20s, where he got huge scabs on both his palms and had to douse them in betadine. He said he nearly passed out every time, and said that it made him frustrated — he knew he could handle it, but the blood drained from his head and he couldn’t stop the dizziness. Then the lights came on, the cold washcloth came off, and the chair straightened up.

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