I am home and recovering a-ok. Tonsils are still in my head. My deviated septum is fixed though. I thought both of these surgeries would be done at once, under the mission of Breathing Better! Especially While Sleeping! with the tonsils being the Big Event, and the nose surgery would be too inconsequential even for a mention. Turns out, my surgeon found my nose to be as challenging as any he’d seen in the past 20 years, turbinates were re-sectioned… I don’t even know what all happened because they told it to me while coming out of anesthesia.

And so my tonsils will have to wait for another day. I realize that’s odd, because I was so freaked out about the whole thing. I didn’t realize there was even the possibility of just doing the one procedure. But that’s how it went. So anyways, spent one night in the hospital. Now am home.

Hospitals are lonely-ass places. You are stripped down to cotton square-shaped general-issue clothings, moved around at will by strangers, pain is imminent and all around you people are experiencing horrible things.

Even stuffed animals are a great comfort. (K brought me two new friends.) Although “stuffed” seems like an insult… they seem strangely alive when you’re on morphine.

Thanks to all for the tremendous offers of help and for messages of love.

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