My friend S-JY has been working on a new piece of writing, and she has introduced me to an entirely new kind of arrangement. It goes like this: One of us (usually S-JY) is off somewhere writing, and texts the other person to say “Hey! I’m writing! Come over!” And then I can say “That sounds way better than clipping my toenails and paying the electric bill…” and I pack up my things and join her. Usually it’s a bar or coffee shop, so a beverage is consumed. Coffee. Beer.  (Not both. Not yet.)

I love this arrangement because it reminds me that momentum makes things easier. I can get into a groove and keep on groovin’. And when bored, I can look up and see if S-JY is similarly bored and then we can gab, or if it looks like she’s working then I am reminded: WORK.

The coffee and the beer also help.

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