Updates and inner monologues

–Rode Brennan’s motorcycle on Sunday, fall day, the color of cider and wine, maybe the last nice day? Don’t say it, don’t say it… and I circled around the tiny parking lot the one where O and I would skateboard and fall and skateboard and fall, and what I wanted to say was: I’ll just take this to Naperville or Decatur or Alaska or Chile and then be right back.

–The Hopleaf has a neon sign in the window and if you touch a tiny glowing corner of it to see if the dust comes off it’s not like a glow stick, there’s real electricity there (did you notice the plug?) and so that shock sounds like a ZZZPT! and the only word I can think of is: sheepish.

–Thanksgiving at Kate and Joe’s reminded me that I covet stuffing and mashed potatoes and if you feed them to me every day I will eat them yes I will.

–Good friends tell you when you’re a liar.

–There are so many ways to mess up a life. There are so many roads to take or not take, cakes to bake or not bake, and in the end it’s the end. I have been working to be honest. To not think I can outwit fate. Reverse psychology doesn’t work on fate. Didn’t we already decide that?

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