Notes from a whirlwind

A while back, my co-worker Ian and I cooked up a plan that would introduce the Neos to new audiences, bring in new cash, and overall inspire the world. Small goals. We wanted an event that would mash up a presentation of the dynamic creative process behind TML with a performance of TML and a reception, and the whole thing would be run by our board of directors. To be honest, I didn’t know if it would really happen. First obstacle: the board had to think this was a good plan. Second obstacle: the TML cast had to think this was a good plan. Third obstacle: we had to get an audience.

But enough people in the organization championed this brainchild and — voila! — last week, our benefit went off without a hitch. People freakin’ loved it. The whole theater, during the Q&A, astounded me with great questions from the audience and a talk by Sharon that made everyone reflect and think about their own creative processes. The night felt like one big hug. Or a new loaf of bread. Or that first hit of caffeine in the morning. Later, I almost had a heart attack when I saw how well the silent auction went.

I remembered how much I love the feeling of pulling together for a seemingly crazy goal. Especially with co-workers like Oriana and Ryan who made the whole thing seem more like a well-planned adventure and less like mad chaos.

In short, good stuff. Here’s some tweets from the evening.

One thought on “Notes from a whirlwind

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