Daydreams, despair, delicious

Random Friday thoughts:

–I daydream. My most productive and inspired thoughts come from daydreaming on purpose by taking long walks without a destination or a taking a hot shower until the water runs cold. (Whatever, water conservation!) I’ve been criticized for this. Too daydreamy. Unfocused. Wired magazine explains the power of the daydream.

–Kirkegaard’s ideas of despair are dissected in the New York Times. Kirkegaard was the only philosopher who made real sense to me, probably because that class was taught by a black turtleneck-wearing prof who opened glass bottles of orange soda on the edge of his wooden desk.

–My friend Samantha stayed up until 2am with me on the night before my birthday. We made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce from my grandmother’s recipe and rolled meatballs, 40 in all, for my dinner guests the next day. Samantha sometimes says the phrase “a little more delicious”; as in, “if we fry the onions first, they’re a little more delicious.” Or “Let this sit overnight. Makes them a little more delicious.” I love the phrase because it means delicious can be quantified but not in any numerical, concrete way; not by taste alone, some combo of taste plus intuition, a sixth, delicious-oriented sense.

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