Quote, Hopper

Everything terrible you’ve ever thought up or saw or read in the paper…eventually everything terrible happens to you. To everyone. You’ll know loneliness. You’ll know hunger. If the Indian doesn’t tear off your scalp, eventually the worms and the alley rats will.

That’s it?

Yes. Sometimes lonely. Sometimes bored. Except every other Friday night.

A new picture?

Yes. Till then it’s avoidance, anxiety, fear…but in the movie house we are all looking at the same thing. That gives me…something


Maybe. I don’t know.

–Bob Fisher, excerpt of script draft for The (edward) Hopper Project [via]

Last week I was in the audience for a reading of a new play created by 10 writers with the starting point of Edward Hopper’s paintings. When I lived in D.C., age 23 and working at Turning the Page, we took kids from public schools to the Phillips Collection, which showed a selection of Hopper’s work. Back then the paintings resonated — I was feeling the cold alienation and disorientation of vaulting from a college-town bubble into a real live job in a real live city. Hearing the play reminded me that this feeling is past and present all at once.

One thought on “Quote, Hopper

  1. Last year was a great year for people writing impressions of Hopper exhibits. I wish I had a link — oh wait, I have one here! “People come late at night. They got money. They drunk. They got money. They stupid.”

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