Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Cusp Conference, held at the MCA here in Chicago. Got a whole lot of good inspiration, the kind that wipes clean the mental whiteboard and redraws a whole new way of thinking.

    -Paul Hoffman, who heads up, reminded me of the power of story and the gap between perception and reality.
    -Lynda Barry, artist, who made me re-appreciate hand turkeys, misheard song lyrics and first phone numbers.
    -Ryan Knighton, blind Canadian punk writer, who warns: don’t be a raging asshole if you accomplish great things. Even if that great thing is that you’re blind and taught yourself to ecolocate objects.
    -Dave Lyon, car designer, who confirmed my desire to drive the new all-electric GM Volt all across the country and blog about it. Volt PR staff: Call me.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration

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  2. My sister’s fiancé has a magazine about green cars called Greenspeed Magazine. Toyota and Ford let him borrow cars for the week for his interns to test drive and write articles about them. Perhaps if you’re interested in writing articles for the magazine we can work something out.

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