Zipper dog

I haven’t written much about Zipper, my family’s golden retriever, but today she’s leaving this puppy world after 14 fun years, so here’s what I know:

She was born on a farm run by my fifth-grade teacher. She had lots of puppy brothers and sisters, but she seemed to be the most ambitious. She was dragging a stick around that was four times her size.

Her name is Zipper because of the cowlick running between her eyes.

She loves gathering shoes. If you show up at the house, she will bring you a shoe.

She basically likes to hang with her people. Not too close, doesn’t have to constantly snuggle, but if you’re around she’s around.

She loves a good snuggle.

She is the only dog that my Italian grandmother has ever liked, ever, in her 80+ years of existence.

She never failed to remember me every time I walked in the door.

Brief mentions:

Zipper, follower-around-the-house!

Zipper, strung out!

Zipper, guard dog!

6 thoughts on “Zipper dog

  1. OH LINZ!!!!! I’m so sorry. This is so sad to me, I will miss the idea of her waiting for visitors at your house. It’s like the ending of an era to me. I’m so glad I got to pet her and give her a kiss a couple weeks ago. So special.

    Big hugs to you, m’dear. BIG hugs.

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    1. Hi sissy pie – I love you. It’s been rough for me too 😦 She was a great dog and she will be missed. Lots of love sis ❤

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