Maybe, probably, definitely true

I think Jeff Goldblum was picking two-by-fours out of the dumpster behind the dry cleaners on my way to work.

I think this sunshine is giving me immortality. Unless coffee will be the death of me, a caffeinated jitterbug death dance because I had more than half a cup.

Shiow brought me two soft juicy peaches yesterday, that her friend gave her, from a farm, and today I gave one to Oriana, and this is what friends do.

Julie & Julia is a good movie, better because I saw it with Eliina, Tara and Amanda. Milk Duds and wine. We’re all grown up.

ADHD is not just mental, it’s an organism, a living thing, there’s an ADHD caterpillar that bores into the base of my skull and makes small tasks vibrate and pulse with nuclear horror and someone give me a hazmat suit and then I’ll start this project.

4 thoughts on “Maybe, probably, definitely true

  1. DUDE.

    After a 15-hour workday, I didn’t think anything could be better than irritating my sister via Gchat while shoveling down this bowl of Cracklin’ Oat Bran with chocolate milk.

    But now this?

    Trifecta perfecta.

    1. 🙂 You are too hilarious AND too generous. Kevin and I also, btw, chugged down that crazy berry soda from the Chinese market on your recommendation. And on its deliciousness.

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