A good day for catching up

Whenever I’m visiting Buffalo, I try to meet up with Deanna and Janelle. We catch up via long conversations that wind and loop through the past months. Often this means curling up on the corner cushion of Janelle’s family room couch, or crunching through fall leaves on a long walk in Clarence Center with Deanna. Every time, I learn something new about myself, and them, and the way we’re growing up.

Usually I see them each individually, but this time we decided to gather as a trio. Later, when my mom asked me what we did, I said we spent the day talking — which was true. But that doesn’t really capture the beauty of a day to connect, the deep relaxation and 8-hour vacation from everyday life.

3 thoughts on “A good day for catching up

  1. My heart is officially as warmed as a heart can be heartwarmed. Much love back at you, Deedle; I can’t wait to catch up again soon.

  2. It really was a magical day. I feel so grateful for it, even now, maybe especially now, over here in Taiwan. Why haven’t the three of us gathered before like this? What were we waiting for?

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