Love, the furniture

So this was about a chair, but not really, the way that this (from exactly five years ago) was about a couch, but not really.

Things are looking up, though, and I am remembering how much independence and presence of mind that I need to cultivate as one-half of a relationship. This weekend felt good — lounging on the grass listening to afternoon fiddle music during the Old Town Folk & Roots fest, a roadtrip to a drive-in movie in the ‘burbs, getting lost on said roadtrip, stopping at a disco bowling alley for directions, and ending up with some Sonic goodness, where we ordered four beverages between the two of us (mine: a cherry limeade blended with vanilla soft-serve and a cranberry limeade).

I just stumbled across another metaphor blog born in July: Life is like a frozen pizza.

Must be the heat.

3 thoughts on “Love, the furniture

    1. Thanks Carolyn! I know, soooo good. I always think I should order a different beverage. But then I press the button to order and just can’t resist.

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