Wisconsin: worth the drive

By last Thursday, I was coming down from a stressful week, the kind of week where calm seems like a dream you dreamed one night but then you woke up and threw up and erased it. Luckily SJ-Y picked me up in her little silver SUV and ferried me, Kevin and Robin to a land called Wisconsin. This land didn’t understand stress. It didn’t understand arguments. It mostly dealt in the currency of alcohol, pine trees and campfires. We stayed in a cabin in the North Woods (split log, lots of varnish, moose-themed quilts, taxidermified possum, deer and squirrel.) With some help from the owners of the cabin, we drank our way through at least five dive bars and consumed s’more upon s’more. Also, I had gotten really excited about Batter Blaster. So there was that. Plus we sat on a hill and watched a pretty mean fireworks display bust out over a lake, while we listened to the kids behind us go:

–That was HUGE-ER.
–No that was huge-er!
–Daddy? Is huge-er a word?
–Daddy? Is huge-er a word?
–Is huge-er a word, Dad?

Then a pause, and a weary-sounding man replied:


4 thoughts on “Wisconsin: worth the drive

  1. Totally saw the batter blaster at Weggies last month and was jonesing to try it. Mike won’t budge on his apparent “I’m never eating pancakes from a can” rule that I didn’t know he had. Buzz kill.

    Anyway – I can totally relate to the calm/dream/barf/bye sequence. Maybe I should be spending more time in Wisconsin. I do likes me some cheese.

    1. You should totally try blasting some batter!! Kevin was also anti- because he remembered such things from boy scout camp or something. This is organic and way better.

      I’m coming home at the end of July, we will decompress.

  2. little kid comments within earshot are one of the best parts of watching fireworks. my fave from this year, whenever we saw a plane flying by in the distance, “shoot it at the plane! shoot it at the plane!”

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