Filling your staffing needs this summer

Help wanted? Here are some part-time summer jobs I can definitely do for you:

–Professional sidewalk cafe secretary. Maybe you need me to record who enters and leaves your sidewalk cafe. I will sit here with my laptop and record that. Also able to dog-sit for pups tied outside.

–Very beginner skateboard instruction. Learn how to go in a straight line without falling, even though you have zero coordination and bones like celery sticks.

–Busker w/acoustic guitar, specializing in the chords E, D, B, G and A minor, with the melody for the songs “Carey” and “Sweet Home Alabama” if you’re really lucky.

–Parking meter monitor. I will lounge by your meter, maybe with a glass of lemonade, and insert quarters as needed.

Also willing to train! Especially for my dream job: Hippie ice cream truck lady.

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