Summer wish list

-Regular sunrise-watching. I want to find out if it’s possible to get sick of sunrises.

-Saturday beach afternoons: claim a square of sand, add blanket, book and do not stir.

-A perpetual sangria pitcher. Ready for the back porch lounging.

-Visits with neighborhood friends, now that we’ve thawed and walking 10 minutes isn’t death-defying.

-Outdoor music, outdoor eating, outdoor movies. Outdoors.

3 thoughts on “Summer wish list

  1. I’m with you on the Sangria – but I do not have a permanent pitcher. I’m going to have to remedy this situation!

  2. When I lived on a boat, all I could see was the sunrise and sunset every day. I have to admit. I did start to become a little sick of it. But they never failed to send me into an existential nightmare.

  3. Yeah, I’m kind of wondering what it does to one’s brain. Side experiment: following the summers of all the different areas of the globe so you always get the longest possible day. I’ll have to wait on that one for now.

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