Notes from the flight: High altitude + laptop + lightweight

On a plane now, to San Francisco. I have this little laptop and my mind is soothed by the light and the color. I can dream things. No one is here to bother me.

There is a snappish woman on this plane who befriended a hipstery 20-something and told him all about how she wasn’t trying to cut in line, really she wasn’t she promised…

The man in the seat in front of me has the Tasmanian devil embroidered so it looks like it is leaping from his shirt pocket. He has gray roots so it looks like someone took a bottle of white-out to his part. The rest is brown.

The woman next to me is sleeping, with her shoes off. She is pretty, maybe Indian, asleep doubled over onto her coat.

I want to do a podcast. I like this idea. We could do it via telephone, just call into to somewhere that will record.

I am going to attempt to get some sort of cocktail on this flight. I don’t know if it will work. I’ve never done it. The thought is staggering. Alcohol? On a plane? What a nutty idea.

Where do people get their drink coupons? I don’t have any. Where did they get them. SAD.

Above row one.

You must remain at your seat.

You must.

Remain at your seat.

Jack and ginger. Super cheap. 4 dollars!

Ok I’m totally buzzed. This is amazing. I’ve never been buzzed in a plane. It is so GREAT. It’s like you’re already all fuzzy and floaty and then You Can FLY.

Holy crap I can’t believe I’ve never done this before. Next time I’m bringing lots of 3 oz bottles in my carryon and getting tanked. I could get a cheap ticket to somewhere close and just turn around and go back again.

WHAT A MODERN MARVEL. Listen up, world. I totally recommend this.

Also this computer is the perfect little size for the meal tray on a plane. It can fit right next to your drink.

Ok i might be drunk. I can’t tell. I’m too tipsy to discern.

Remember those books with the white pen that revealed stuff, that you could use on car trips? THOSE WERE GREAT.

6 thoughts on “Notes from the flight: High altitude + laptop + lightweight

  1. My dad gets them and sends them to me. The drink coupons. I will now send them to you because you actually fly – which I do not very often do.

  2. I thought it was just me and my co-workers who get drunk on flights. here’s the sad part: we fly from buffalo to NYC and back.

  3. I think the airlines disallow you from bringing your own booze, sadly. Or maybe you can bring it but they have to serve it? Unclear. At any rate, I definitely support you continuing to booze it up on future flights!

  4. Deedle: Send away! Their source has been so mysterious to me! And/or come visit me and get yourself a drink. Sarah: I endorse. Although these notes are from one drink only because I’m that much of a cheap airplane date. Becca: Booze smuggling seems possible if one utilizes travel bottles. Oh my god I sound like an alcoholic. Patrick: Tasmanian devils are jerks. I think the guy’s shirt was actually the “Warner Brothers store” version. I had a Tweety bird coming out of t-shirt pocket in the fifth grade that was quite popular with my classmates until I wore it every single day for too many days. Tara: I try. I try.

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