Wiggle your big toe

A lot of writers say they work best in the early mornings. I’ve tucked away their endorsement of mornings, for inspiration, but most mornings I end up snuggling deeper into the blankety nest and waiting until I’ve maxed out all the snoozes.   I have the worst time waking up.

Is this a disease of some kind? Does everyone have a hard time waking up? I once told a therapist that waking up was the hardest thing I did all day, even after eight hours of sleep.  And she looked at me in total shock, like: Now this is serious. But…. five more minutes of warm-soft-dreamland? Who wouldn’t want that?

Sometimes I think about that scene in Kill Bill where Uma Thurman lays in the back of the truck and stares at her big toe after being paralyzed and just says: “Wiggle your big toe. Wiggle your big toe.”

Sometimes that works.

6 thoughts on “Wiggle your big toe

  1. I have the same problem. I used to have to set the alarm on my phone across the room so I didn’t fall back asleep. To this day, whenever I hear the ringtone that was my alarm, I cringe.

  2. I’m with you on the sleep thing. But I think the hardest thing I do all day is answer the telephone when it rings. Because I have telephone phobia – it’s too much pressure and I am an over-talker. Moments of silence on the phone make me panic. I think that’s more therapy worthy than the wake-up thing…but to each his own :]

  3. Oh my, I am a snoozer. Even when I exercise, go to sleep on time, and sleep 8.5 hours – It takes me an act of EXTREME will-power or airplane-catching necessity to get up without multiple snoozes. One day, I will overcome.

  4. I’ve just set my alarm clock back to the actual time after years of setting it an unknown amount of minutes fast. Maybe 14, maybe 19, maybe 23, for all those years I had no idea just how fast it was, and I’d set it to go off two minutes after the top or bottom of the hour to slow me down if I ever tried to figure out the difference. Because you know what’s harder than getting out of bed right after waking up? Math right after waking up. So, confusion becomes the best alarm clock in the world.

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