Things in my bag right now

One copy of How to Cook a Wolf by MFK Fischer; one copy of What Should I do With My Life? by Po Bronson; one small glass jar of tomato soup from my FreshPicks box last week (lunch!); the nice red wallet my dad got me for Christmas because he said my tattered one would make airport security search me for drugs; the 2009 day planner I’m finally getting around to using; the journal I got in Guatemala — now with just a few blank pages left;  four creased pieces of  white computer paper that I scrawled a bunch of notes on and have been meaning to type up for a month; the remains of the plastic bracket that’s supposed to attach my new ULock to my just-tuned-up bike but a part snapped off yesterday on my first ride of the season; the bit of paper with Mara’s email address, tucked away while we shared her mug of coffee with soy milk and waited for a lancha on my last day in San Marcos; a pen.

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