The one place you want to be

Yesterday Caitlin and I brainstormed future lives — in other countries, with other professions. Maybe their winter will be our summer. We’ll forget that it gets cold in June. Maybe this recession is a depression. We should be saving milk bottles and bits of tin foil. Maybe we should be: watching the pale winter sun stream through the dirty plate-glass window of a coffee shop on Clark St.; rubbing the salt stains off our suede sneakers with windburned fingertips, sharing recipes for bread and yogurt made from scratch — bacteria is your best friend — and thinking this $2.50 for an espresso will be the last one of  the week. And the sun through the dirty plate glass window pools under the smooth pine table like a dog at our feet, today is warmer than yesterday, and everything seems possible — bread, yogurt, and everything.

5 thoughts on “The one place you want to be

  1. Seriously – would it be right in this economy to daydream about leaving one’s job to do something ridiculous like become a farmer or a philosopher? Because I think I might like some of my days ruled by nature or incessant thought groups. Either all mental or all physical – but not both :] When did that not become a choice?

  2. I think it should still be allowed! — you should totally become a farmer or a philosopher or a yarn-dyer or stationary designer or whatever your heart floats to. Because without daydreams life gets sadder. xx

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