Safe, sound and on the ground

This is how I got home:

10am lancha (aka, tiny boat). This tiny boat took me all around the lake picking up people, animals and things. Hello, blind Mayan man. Hello, German Shepherd. Hello, box of vegetables. Welcome to this tiny boat.

12pm shuttle to Antigua. Waited in the tiny tourist office in Panajachel, where the owner’s child had some crazy ADD problem and was screaming and throwing a paper airplane around while I tried to read a book. Then, I boarded a little minibus with five old people and we drove to Antigua. The shuttle was supposed to continue onward, with me aboard, to Guatemala City. But they told me to get off and wait in another tourist office for a new shuttle.

3:15 shuttle to Guatemala City airport. Waited in a tiny tourist office in Antigua. Listened while a legless old man in a wheelchair, wearing a cowboy hat, sat behind a desk and told two British chicks how the Mayans think women’s periods work.

8:30pm flight to Chicago. Waited in the airport lobby, had every inch of my belongings inspected 30 times. I was down to my last dollar (Quite literally, I had like 10 quetzales on me, which is a little over $1) and so couldn’t eat much but heartily enjoyed a chicken sandwich and Coke from the McDonald’s.

Just after 2am, O’Hare to home. Kevin picked me up and we waited for a cab in the frigid-ness, which didn’t agree with my socks/sandals combo, and no cabs were out and about. Walked to blue line El. Waited half an hour. Watched homeless people snooze. Wondered why this seemed the least efficient leg of my journey. Though it’s when I had the best company.  (Kevin. Not the homeless.) Blue line to Damen stop in Wicker Park. Cab from Wicker Park to home.

3 thoughts on “Safe, sound and on the ground

  1. Your first paragraph is so funny! “Hello box of vegetables. Welcome to this tiny boat.” You’re so funny.

    Why did you go to Damen? Oh, better shot of getting a cab than Jefferson Park? Totally lame that there were no cabs at the cab stand!

  2. “Hello, box of vegetables. Welcome to this tiny boat” — I can hear you saying this and I am cracking up as I read it, then imagine it, then read it, then imagine it. I must look pretty weird sitting here giggling in this cafe in the Lima, Peru airport.

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