Things in my bag right now

Things in my bag right now, as I sit here in this internet cafe in San Marcos….  Lonely Planet Guatemala, a banana peel that I need to find somewhere to toss, a cloth journal woven by local Mayan women,  an unpeeled orange, a flashlight in case I´m out past dark, the key to the treehouse where I am staying, 200 quetzales (which is about 30 dollars), a scrap of paper where I´ve scrawled down the info hotline for the plane crash, my Tigo-brand cell phone that I only sort of know how to use, and 2 pills for stomach upset that I thankfully haven´t needed today.

4 thoughts on “Things in my bag right now

  1. Things in mine: a bag of microwave popcorn, a wallet with no cash in it, my cell phone, an expandable tote so I don’t have to use plastic, 2 tampons and a tin of burt’s bees chapstick. You’re life now is WAY more interesting than mine :]

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