Last night was supposed to be a blizzard. In Buffalo a blizzard would be 1-2 feet of snow. Chicago sounded the blizzard warning for a potentially windy 4 inches.

Selected snow moments of the past:

-Sledding down a fairy-tale snowy hill in Copenhagen with my Danish host siblings

-Throwing the cookies I made with my first high school boyfriend out into the backyard, post-breakup

-Driving through a white-out in Gallup, NM with Amanda while going cross-country, following tail lights as best we could

-Hitting a stop-go-slush-slide snowstorm in the Rockies with Kevin, when we’d just come from the desert

This, about a year ago.

3 thoughts on “Non-blizzard

  1. What about when I drove you home that night after Annoyance class in the super snow times and we slid around some and then became bffs? WHAT ABOUT THAT SNOW TIME???

  2. Mostly I remember that you had couch cushions in your back seat because someone threw up on them. That memory blocked out the snow 🙂

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