Watching funny happen to someone else

My sister Christina recently got a new Macbook, tricked out with a camera and Apple’s Photobooth application. She gathered me and Lisa in front of the screen to take some cute sistery togetherness shots of our faces, one after another, pretty and smiley. And then she showed us the filters: Make it sepia-toned! Or, whoa, you’re in a Warhol painting! This tour of Photobooth all seemed rather standard until she got to the funhouse-mirror style distorting filters, the ones that make your nose look tiny or your eyes look huge or your forehead bulge or your chin retract. These…. Cracked. Her. Up. Like, I have never seen anyone so far gone into hysterical laughter at the sight of her face made grotesque and ugly. She’d take one shot of herself with a tiny pinched face and then in the next three shots, her comically huge eyes would be brimming with tears of free-for-all laughter, tears running down her misshapen cheeks. It made me realize how rarely I truly appreciate the awesomeness of someone I love losing their mind with something they find funny. There’s a simple joy in being an objective observer to the process of humor hitting home. Plus, you know, it’s completely hilarious.

One thought on “Watching funny happen to someone else

  1. hahahhaha this is so cute and funny 🙂 i just saw this posting for the first time and it made me laugh again..but not like before. anyways, i realized the other day that i havent talked to you in quite a while it seems! hope youre doing great sissy! love you so much:)

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