Oprah said this would happen

So I’ve been watching Oprah, thanks to my sister’s collection of episodes on Tivo. Oprah told me, yesterday, that whatever I thought about would come into my life. It’s “The Law of Attraction”, she said. Like: she got a silver-plated bubble-blower from Tiffany’s just by thinking about blowing bubbles.  The perfect gift from the Universe, for the woman who has everything.

Today my mother was clearing out her recipe book, which is less an actual book and more an overstuffed manila folder with clippings, Xeroxes, handwritten scribbles. I happened to look over her shoulder as she leafed through these and, lo and behold, she flipped to a recipe for the Original Pancake House’s Apple Pancake and German Pancake, photocopied from a cookbook featuring “top secret” versions of popular chain restaurant dishes.  The book states: “It was in 1953 when Les Highet and Erma Huenke opened their first Original Pancake House in Portland, Oregon, using traditional pancake recipes handed down through generations. Now, with over 100 restaurants in 25 states, this breakfast chain is generating a huge cult following.”

So I may be making these delights at home, if I can get my hands on a cast iron skillet.

If only I’d been thinking about winning the lottery instead of… eating pancakes.

4 thoughts on “Oprah said this would happen

  1. Invest in a cast iron skillet but do yourself a favor and get an enameled covered one like these


    so that:

    1 – it doesn’t stick like glue
    2 – you can put it in the dishwasher
    3 – you don’t have to season it with grease
    4 – if you don’t season it – when you wash it, it will rust.

    Oh – and if you get a Le Creuset it’s guaranteed for life. And I know that because I broke mine and had to send it back.

  2. I’m tellin’ ya. That Oprah shit worked for me this year. Only I don’t like calling it the Law of Attraction. I like to call it “The Law of Post-it Flagging my Brain”. I think creating vision boards and wishlists are a way of alerting your brain to seeing opportunities. Or in your case, buried pancake recipes.

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