Back in Buffalo

Sleeping: in the office, on a pull-out couch. Zipper, our 15 year-old golden retriever, has been guarding me every night.

Eating: so much spaghetti and raviolis and cookies and cheesecake and pie and calzones and homemade pizza. And cannoli. (My dad: “It’s GA-nolli.”) Plus diner breakfasts. Plus scones and tea.

Watching: cable news about some dead kid named Caylee, episodes of Oprah on Tivo, romantic comedies (Sleepless in Seattle made me cry, I am ashamed to admit) and re-runs of Friends.

Reading: The Sun Also Rises (which makes so much more sense now that I’m not in high school).

Wearing: whatever my sisters tell me looks good. A second opinion and a live figure model really helps one get dressed.

2 thoughts on “Back in Buffalo

  1. I seriously love that book. I still have the copy I stole [shamelessly] from that huge English teacher I hated – who’s name I can’t remember. You know, the one who loved Chris Haans and called Janelle a lesbian.

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