Leftovers from scratch

I spent Thanksgiving at a friend’s house that was packed to the gills with cool people, wine, food, board games, food, and… more wine. This was a good choice, for sure. But the next day Kevin and I realized we had no leftovers to bask in for the next umpteen days. And leftovers rule. So I went to the Jewel and picked up armfuls of everything, all super on sale, to make a new Thanksgiving dinner. (Without the turkey because I don’t know how to cook a turkey.) Turns out, every single recipe you could want is on the container that the food comes in. French fried onions have the green bean casserole recipe, stuffing in a box is just… stuffing in a box, powdered mashed potatoes are a just-add-water item, pumpkin pie — recipe on the can, candied sweet potatoes — same deal. I suddenly realized that an American Thanksgiving could be had for less than 20 bucks and could literally consist of cans and boxes and one frozen bird.

Kevin and I assembled these riches in less than an hour and have been leftover feasting ever since. I’m pretty sure my cells have been hypercharged with MSG and whatever chemical leeches out of tin cans. But I’ve got 51 other weeks this year to be a healthy rabbit.

One thought on “Leftovers from scratch

  1. I was similarly bummed re: lack of leftovers, but we didn’t make a new feast. Also, cooking a turkey is not hard at all! I can teach you. 🙂

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