For a happy nerd heart

The Wednesday after election night felt like the whole world had exhaled, a deep breath I hadn’t realized it was holding. On my way to an appointment downtown, people smiled at one another– big smiles, not just polite smiles — and made eye contact. It was completely surreal. Later that afternoon I was a guest reader at Columbia College, where I read part of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road aloud as part of an all-day marathon. Inside the glass-walled auditorium, students’ faces glowed and I learned that the words of Kerouac taste so good to say, it’s like speaking in Pop Rocks.

Other things that make my nerd heart happy:

A story about a penguin and its stuffed friend (that Kevin sent me, knowing I would swoon).

An episode of This American Life about the tight race in Pennsylvania. It aired right before election day and to listen now is to feel that great relief of a near-miss car wreck.

2 thoughts on “For a happy nerd heart

  1. Um, I’m lying on the couch with my stuffed purple carebear right now, and I’m feelin’ the penguin. I’m right there with him, feelin’ his pain.

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