Kevin likes to make fun of me for blogging. He does it in an endearing way. If I’m by myself in our home office he will bust in and go, “Are you blogging? Are you? Blogging?” Or if I’m answering the “how was your day” question, he will ask if I blogged any blogs at all. I write for Gapers Block, I edit entries on the Healthy Schools Campaign blog, sometimes I write snippets for The Neo-Futurists blog, and of course I’ve been hammering away at some incarnation of this site since 1996. You could say that I blog a lot. I originally, at 16, wanted my own zine but had no car to actually drive to Kinko’s and get copies made. So a web site published from home under my AOL screenname seemed like the next best thing. Why do I blog? In short: As a lifelong introvert, who likes people and action enough to venture from my internal bubble even though it’s psychologically tiring, blogging allows me to parse thoughts, play with words and communicate en masse without having to actually talk. Here’s Andrew Sullivan in the Atlantic: Why I Blog. (Ten bucks says Kevin reads this blog entry aloud because of all the times it mentions the word “blog”.)

5 thoughts on “Blog.

  1. i get teased about that too. my dad always tells me random things. and then yells “I’m totally going to blog that!” (he has no blog.)

    in a related to that but not at all to your post — he JUST learned to email a month ago solely b/c of john mccain bragging that he doesn’t know how. he was so disgusted that someone running for president in this day and age would brag about that and also because he didn’t want there to be any similarities between him and such an idiot.

  2. Coolness, Coley! Carolyn — Totally made me laugh. I love that he learned to email because of that. Maybe someday he’ll really have a blog šŸ™‚

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