Breakfast: Drawing a blank

I can never figure out what to eat for breakfast. I know. It seems like an insane quandry. But I’m looking for something other than simple cereal or yogurt — some unknown fresh, healthy, fast and cheap breakfast. Otherwise I will simply pick up a chocolate-filled croissant from the coffee shop every single day and rationalize it away as “just one more day” of chocolate-filled croissantyness. Which can’t be good for me.

I once knew a woman who slathered a bowl with peanut butter, filled it with plain yogurt and topped it with raw oats. She had this every day. Googling “hippie breakfast” has brought me suggestions of things like vegan breakfast pizza and quinoa. I’m looking for something less fancy. And perhaps therein lies my problem. Perhaps I just need to stop with the fussing and search engine-trolling and pick up a piece of fruit and a piece of cheese and call it.

5 thoughts on “Breakfast: Drawing a blank

  1. Its more German than hippie, except that it’s all organic: I do a bowl of museli (lots of dried fruits, oats, and nuts, no added sugar), then add half yogurt and half milk.

  2. ooo, good suggestions! i am not such a fan of the oatmeal tho, beccs. perhaps i have been influenced negatively by the pre-flavored instant kind.

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