Show = done

This weekend was the staged reading of Inside Fighter at the Around the Coyote festival. Performing at that festival is always full of unknowns. As part of past festivals I’ve performed in a huge echoing auditorium, a small funky lounge/gallery, an empty storefront next to a KMart, and this year — the balcony of an enormous meeting hall, overlooking the festival’s visual arts displays.  This year’s performance space meant that people could stand and watch the reading on their way to other things, so they came and went throughout the performance. The sound was also a DIY affair — we got some rented speakers and mics and set them up ourselves. But for all the unknowns and the casual tone, Dennis (of course) rocked it — and I dunno about my own performance, but it was cool to be there and feel the energy of so many people and so much art thrumming in one space. I know that at least five people heard it and and got something out of it, because they came up to me afterwards with comments. One older black woman even chanted at me several times, “You’re a fighter too! You’re a fighter too!” Which is priceless. (My heartfelt thanks to Don, Dennis, Oriana, Becca, Kevin & Whit, & my sis Christina, who all pitched in their time and love, and to those who came out to see it — particularly SJY!)

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