The Muscato College for Everyday Betterment

I sometimes wish I could take time off from a job to study again, like when I was in college, except take totally different courses. Like things I could actually use and/or things that are fun and contribute to being happy. I think I’ve written a list like this before, but it changes all the time. Last time I mentioned speaking Spanish and riding a motorcycle. Here is the latest version of additional courses I would take. I wanna learn how to:

–Ride a longboard. (My skateboard is nifty but requires a lot of kicking to go any sort of distance… plus I’m too wussy for tricks anyhow.)

–Play an instrument you can sing to. Guitar. Or Autoharp.

–Make documentaries. Like March of the Penguins. OH MY GOD THE PENGUINS ARE SO CUTE I COULD BE THEIR FRIEND AND FILM THEM.

–Grow a garden. My tomatoes this year were a study in potential. Lots of leaves, few tomatoes.

–Street fight. Like, how to kick some serious ass. For self-defense purposes.


Update (like 20 minutes later, after a shower and some time to consider): There are accessible ways to learn things in a city like Chicago. And I should take advantage of them, rather than make wishy-wish lists of things to learn. Yeah, it’d be expensive and crazy to do all this in one year, but I can space it out. Plus, I’m not going to grad school because I don’t have anything I want to go go grad school for. So, here’s the plan… Spanish: I’ve heard Spanish Horizons is pretty good. Motorcycle? Ride Chicago is like four blocks from my apartment. Longboard: meet up with one of my friends who already rides a longboard. I’m a genius. Sing-a-long instrument: a class at Old Town, probably Guitar 1 Rep. I know basic chords, just need some structured practice. And you can volunteer in order to get free classes. Documentaries: I must know someone with a video camera. It’ll be meeting penguins that’s tougher. Gardening… is probably easier when you make more of an effort to govern your tomato patch. I’ll try again. Street fighting: B&W gym near my house has fliers all over the neighborhood for a class like this. I should sign up. Maybe in the spring. I’m kind of busy right now.


Updated again, 15 minutes later, after staring into space for a while:

It’s my birthday on Wednesday. Maybe I’m having a reprise of a quarter-life crisis. Dear lord. Please no.

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